About Jon Bernstein

Since 1971, Jon has operated as an owner, consultant and apparel executive in Los Angeles.

His focus has been establishing and building recognized fashion labels, providing strategic guidance and mentoring young designers in launching new brands.

Jon’s philanthropic work has included:
- President, Israeli Bonds
- President, Cedars Sinai Apparel Division
- President and Chairman of the Fashion Industry Board
- Chairman, United Jewish Fund
- Board Member, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

As a grandfather of 7, it is Jon’s passion to watch his children and grandchildren grow up in a society where there is equality for all people.


Jon has worked with 100+ clients. Notable engagements include:
- August Getty 2013-2017, Chief Operating Officer
- Fluxus, 2008-2012, Chief Operating Officer
- Goldsign, 2005-2006
- Logos Unltd, 1997-2005, Founder
- India Ink, 1994-1996
- Anzevino & Florence
- Aqua Blues
- Chained & Bound
- Femmeology
- Gean Research
- Kirstie Kelly
- Roxborugh & Stholer
- Stencil
- Substance
- Trunkettes

Executive Engagements

AUGUST GETTY, Los Angeles, 2013-2017
Chief Operating Officer
- Built niche fashion label into internationally recognized brand

ALEX COLMAN, NYC & LA, 1981-1993
CEO & President
- Acquired from the Borden conglomerate
- Sales volume over $50M
- Employed approx. 325 people in Los Angeles and New York City
- Created and established A.C. Sport in 1982
- Acquired three additional companies in 1989: Elizabeth Stewart Inc., Stewart Sport, California Girl

T-JONS, Los Angeles, 1975-1982
CEO & President
- Missy & Large size moderate novelty cotton sportswear company with annual sales of $12M

Consulting & Advisory Services

Executive services range from strategic to managing day-to-day operations:

- Production procedures and planning
- SKU analysis for better sales
- Cost sheet controls for improved margins
- Daily financial reporting
- Credit procedures
- Organize inventory controls
- Reorganize accounts receivable
- Negotiate better cash flow terms with manufacturers & suppliers

- Active engagement with management and investors on strategic transactions, including reorgs.
- Help management cultivate network of contacts in manufacturing, banking, legal, and consulting communities
- Updated compliance and safety procedures
- Implement better insurance coverage and lower premiums
- Establish overseas operations for better logistics and bottom line distribution in Asia and Europe

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